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Friday, 26 October 2012


I was doing a bit of photography research today and I happened across a German Lomography site.

Some of the images are excellent and it just goes to show that if you are really a good photographer then it doesn't matter what kind of equipment you use.

But don't take my word for it, have a look at these sample links for yourself.

Alison Scarpulla - very evocative, just as the site says.

Frank Machalowski - wonderful collection of black and white images.

And just for something extra, here is a fairly famous 'lomographer' from Brighton Lomokev - aka Kevin Meridith


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Heron or Cormorant

It was a very grey and rainy day on my visit to North Kessock and very near to the end of daylight hours.

I was determined to get a few photos regardless and I spotted a heron in the water (the Beauly Firth) that was making a good silhouette and reflection.

Or WAS it a heron?

There has been some debate over the bird but I'm fairly sure it's a heron in the photograph. The argument was based upon the legs being shorter and that herons are not normally out in such an open space to do their fishing. Plus, cormorants stretch their neck out when they are about to grab their meal.

However, I say that the legs look shorter because it is in the water and it's neck is long because....well, because it is a heron.

A silhouette photo from a distance is not much to go on but what do you think?

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Scottish Reptiles

During a trip to Culloden I almost trod on a lizard whilst walking around the battlefield. Yes, a Scottish lizard, about 3 inches long.

In my Scottish Wildlife challenge (that failed and fell by the wayside) I had obtained a list of all Scotland's indigenous species from Visit Scotland but after finding the lizard I couldn't remember any reptiles being on the list.

However, here is a site with information on Scotland's 3 reptile species - Scottish National Heritage

Here are a couple of photos of the little creature.

The red stone is a bit unfortunate as it looks like a giant tongue. The lizard would not move, though, and I didn't want to frighten him any more. A couple of quick shots taken then I moved on to give him time to recover and hide before anyone else came along.