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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Porpoise (and seal)!!!

I kept missing the porpoises on our return trip from Largs to Port Avade (via Kyles of Bute) this weekend. I would either snap too slow (it was hard to know where they'd pop up) or the boat would be rocking too much.
When the weekend was almost over I finally managed to get a couple of shots of the Harbour Porpoise.

I also managed to get the head of a seal but the image is hopelessly blurry due to distance and the fact I was on a rocky boat. It was also too far away for me to get a proper shot.

I will mark the porpoise off my list but it doesn't mean I won't still be looking out for a better image. I'd be over the moon if I could catch more than one of them in a line, jumping out of the water. A noticable landmark in the background would be even better. A dream photo that will not likely occur in 2011's 'Tough Challenge' portfolio.

Seal at Largs

Porpoise at Strone's Point, East Kyle

Porpoise at Kyles, zoomed in

Porpoise at Largs at the end of our trip

Thursday, 21 April 2011

My pinhole camera arrived

I still plan to try to make one but I thought buying one (from Flights of Fancy ) would be quicker.
I was only half right as they didn't provide me with a screw to attach the shutter!

I'll need to have a look for a small screw. Once I know I can attach the shutter ok I'll glue everything together (although it's not necessary) and I may even decorate it.

I have 14 little pieces of paper and I plan to use them all in the camera/box. As they will develop as negative prints I can scan them and convert to positive on the computer. I will create proper prints using the negative papers at a later date.

Below is the pinhole camera in progress (bear in mind it is not yet complete).

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Film changing bag

I received a little money for my birthday and, instead of replacing my tattered clothes, I decided to spend the money on something far more important - a film changing bag!!!

For me, this is a little step forward because, although I love my digital cameras dearly, I prefer to shoot in film. Black and White especially. My favourite camera is my Centon DF-300 (the one that the close-up filters fit - woohoo).

I also have 2 old cameras that I haven't yet tried out and this must be remedied asap!

The shutter release on my TLR is broken so it doesn't automatically close again. This will make for plenty 'shake' I'm sure but I'm interested to see if the camera functions ok aside from this. I have a film in it just now, which is half complete.

I was given an amazing camera (Vigilant Junior) from a friend (Mr C) for Christmas. It takes a 620 film so I need to be able to switch 120 film over into the canisters and now that I have the changing bag, I can do this :D
Unfortunately, though, right now the shutter isn't working at all. It just won't open. I will have to enquire about this in the little shop in Edinburgh if it's still there and hope that it can be fixed.

AND the bag will be handy for trying out some pin-hole camera photography.

All I need to do now is find my developing tank, buy some chemicals and hope that my scanner still works! I'm pretty excited :D

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

World Pinhole Camera Day

I don't think I've posted about this before but I always meant to take part -

The only problem is that I don't have a pinhole camera.
My SLRs won't take a photo if no lens is attached and I don't have a spare body cap to destroy so I better get my finger out and try to make some kind of pinhole camera with something around the house.

Here is the camera I might attempt to make (it's been in my bookmarks for a few years now) - It looks a little footery, though. I think I might just see if I can find a box and use some photographic paper.

The downside to that is not having the darkroom chemicals for processing but one step at at a time!!!


A small update on my Scottish Wildlife project - I almost got a photograph of Porpoises at the weekend but they were too fast and the waves were too wild for me to steady myself on the boat. (Ok...perhaps 'wild' is a little exaggeration but the wind was making the yacht bounce around a lot)