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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Ugly Ducklings?

Not these cute little guys.

I took this image when I was at Butterfly and Insect World. There is an enclosure at the back of the hot-house where you can have a look inside wasp and bee-hives, bird watch or just cool down. These cute little ducklings were gathering close to their mother before she herded them away to a less 'busy' area of their enclosure.

As sunlight was minimal at this point, and I had no tripod, I put my ISO up quite high (800 maybe, I can't remember). I love the grainy quality that the high ISO has produced. The original was in colour but I think it looks better in black & white.

1 comment:

Miriam said...

I love this one, Ams. It would've taken me a while to figure out what I was looking at if you hadn't explained. The lack of light gives their little vulnerable heads a particularly soft look, if you know what I mean. Like, it highlights their vulnerability.