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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Pinhole Photography Festival.

Back in early March my dad kindly sent me an email containing a link for the Pinhole Photography Festival in Edinburgh.

His timing was perfect as I was free to pop along on the following Sunday afternoon to have a look at the gallery and perhaps attend the workshop if there was space. As fortune would have it, I was able to join in the fun and games.

The workshop was held by photographer Kenny Bean who talked us through the art of making a pinhole photograph. He showed us images taken from a tiny camera, where a cartridge was held inside the photographer's mouth, to larger scale photographs taken from Kenny's outstanding Wheelie Bin collection.

The staff were really friendly, the workshop was definitely worthwhile (they even provided free use of the cameras, photographic paper and developing chemicals, which was very kind) and the gallery was very impressive.

I did have a go myself but my prints turned out to be very disappointing (what's new?) as I didn't really have a full grasp of just how 'wide' the pinhole range was going to be. Even when I was standing 10ft away from my subject of a tree it appeared as a tiny twig within my frame. Timing for exposure and developing is also something I need to experiment with but now that I've tried it I need to get making my own little cameras.

All I need now is to find the time.....

I've cropped out the subject so you can get a hint of what I was trying to photograph!!!


Kirsty said...

I like them! I built a 35mm one last summer, I got some ok images but I am going to give it another go when the weather improves (hopefully).

AnneMarie said...

YES!!! I've had that website bookmarked for years, haha. I have most of the materials except for the matchbox. I should really get my finger out and make it, eh?
I look forward to seeing your pinhole post :) xx