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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Pass me the fork 'n' knife!!

I've not really had much time to do anything lately as I've been toiling away with my college work. The type of prints I'm producing are a bit boring, I'd say, but hopefully they meet the brief (lighting, darkroom techniques, etc).

My neighbours must think I'm crazy as I'm usually hanging around the garden taking odd pictures. I had a funny moment when I was lying sprawled on my stomach on the front path, trying to get a contrast shot of the manhole cover in the drive. A neighbourly couple drove past and slowed down the car. I was about to wave until I realised they had looks of disgust and confusion on their face and had slowed down to try to figure out what I was doing.


The scan doesn't really show the print very well but here is an example of a 'full tonal range' print. I took this shot in the garden (as usual), placing a fork on a stack of slabs. It was originally intended to be my 'high contrast' print but my lecturer helped me to tone it down with a yellow filter on the enlarger. I will have to study the resultant prints to see the differences.

My 'high-contrast' print is of a frost-covered picnic bench on the college grounds. I got funny looks taking this picture also and my fingers were freezing. Such is the hard life of a photographer.

Anyway, I hope they'll be good enough to pass and that I'm forming the necessary knowledge and skill to improve my printing to a far superior standard than what I am currently at.


AnneMarie said...

Dave, the voice of reason, pointed out that the neighbours may have slowed the car down to check that I was ok and hadn't passed out on the front drive.
If that was the case, which it probably was, I have very good neighbours :)

Anonymous said...

hahhaa! your photos are cool, the ice one is really well captured. :) We'll talk later on msn at somepoint, I haven't had a chance to do any ideas for us though :( xxx

AnneMarie said...

Me neither, unfortunately, but that's my presentation out the way. Just got another 2 assessments to sit and then all my work to hand-in then I'm free to do my own thing for a couple of days.
I'll get working on it then as I have a couple of photos I'm considering :)

Miriam said...

Love the light in this one. Also the notion of your neighbours thinking you'd had a bit too much Buckfast and passed out in the street.

AnneMarie said...

They do know I'm from Paisley, LOL!!