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Friday, 6 November 2009


Here are some random photographs I found while I was trawling through my folders.

The day after a lovely, candle-lit dinner I discovered a dead daddy-long-legs in one of the candles - all caught up in the hardened wax. The only way to get the beastie out was to melt the wax again. The poor blighter. This picture was taken on my little compact digital (Nikon).

During a midnight walk in my new local surroundings I found some graffiti stencilled on an underpass wall. As it was very late and dark I didn't take my DSLR with me so this photo was taken on my phone camera. I aim to go back and take a proper photo of it, although it will probably look very similar to this one.

On my way home to my flat in Paisley, after the last train home, I saw this little toy. It was outside a dodgy pub where several dodgy looking characters were having cigarettes outside the front door. I couldn't stop my desire to photograph the headless toy so I used my phone camera as quickly as possible. There came a silence outside the pub. I stood up and realised they were all looking at me to see what I was doing so I quickly moved on. I escaped unscathed and with a silly little photograph.


Michael said...

I reckon, in a million years, when people discover this candle in a land fill. They will try to recreate the dna in the daddy longlegs like in Jurassic park, and YOU will pop out.

AnneMarie said...

Imagine the shock....ginger hair????