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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Studio - Portraiture!

I'm not sure if I like working in the studio, yet, or not. Even if the lighting was mastered (I have only been shown two simple lighting set-ups) there is still the skill of getting your model to look natural. I guess it will come with practise for putting the model at ease and knowing which poses suit which type of person best.

One thing, for sure, is that I cannot afford to be shy if I want to get the image I want. I've only taken shots of a few people so I have a long way to go before I exude the confidence of a professional photographer!!

I wish I could have more time to try things out that are not for my assignment. Test out the scope of the flash lighting. Vary the intesity and all that malarky. It doesn't help that my Sony Alpha 100 DSLR does not have a synch connection or the correct hotshoe attachment for the wireless transmittors. I have to share the college's Nikon and the buttons are in all the wrong places!!!

Here is me at work, using fellow student Laura's Canon that she kindly let me borrow for my shots (photo taken by Laura Ledbetter)

and here are a few of my images.

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