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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Spider webs and TLRs

I went to the Glasgow Botanic Gardens today and it was oddly colder inside than out. In the carnivorous plants section you could see your breath and I'm pretty sure that's not right. I seem to remember being really hot the last time I seen these plants. The plants were all looking a bit poorly.

I've been in the Botanics a few times but there are always new things to photograph. This time I was rewarded with an amazing sight - a spider building its web! It was at least 1meter in diameter and I nearly walked right into it.
The spider worked fast, moving around it's web foundations quickly and precise as it weaved the tighter threads.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my macro lense with me so I had to use my telephoto (zoom) which is quite slow and it was already quite dark inside. I have managed to put together a few shots to give an impression of the web-building that I was witness to.

And as if the spider web wasn't enough excitement for me today, I bought an old TLR from an antique shop on Byre's Road. I'm not sure if it works but everything seems to be fine. I just need to buy a 120 film and try it out. Fingers crossed.

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