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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A loss in The Shire

I decided to take a walk in the field behind my parents house today, during the 'golden hour' before sunset. I got it totally wrong and the winter sun was behind the houses rather than behind my favourite two trees, where it sets in the summer.

As I had planned to take some photographs I was a little disappointed by my light failure but it was nothing compared to when I discovered the loss of one of the trees!

Near the top of the furthest-away path from the field, leading up to the Renfrewshire cycle route, is where my two trees lived. Both so close together, spread out in perfect symmetry and forming the illusion of a single tree. The trees confuse the brain in the Spring and Autumn months when the foliage and flowers/seeds on both sides form different patterns and colours - the time when I had always planned to photograph them but never got around to it.

The left tree - the prettier of the two - blooming tiny, white flowers in Spring, is no longer there and the remaining stump gives the impression that it has fallen due to decay.

I am utterly disappointed!

{The Remaining Tree: photo update 02/12/10}


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good to see you posting again.

That is sad though. (Like my typo in my original post that now looks like I said something rude when I never)

Go forth to your new adventure - adjacent tree spotting!

AnneMarie said...

Thanks for reading :)
I have updated this entry with a photograph of the tree. It's not great but you can see how the tree on the left would have mirrored (sp?, word?) this one.

Anonymous said...

Great photo! Sorry I forgot to come back been a bit scatty recently (for years).

Michael Sharkey said...

At least it died a natural death.
Get a pic of the stump.

Crawford Massie said...

Aw poor tree, gone too soon. Maybe the other one was just really boring and it decided it had had enough.