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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Puffins and Razorbills!

On the cliffs at Marwick Head, Orkney West Mainland.

It was quite a challenge to see them let alone try to photograph them. I did take some risks and I still long for a better telephoto lens but I did what I could to achieve these results....well, what I could do without falling over the edge.

The Kitchener Tower. The yellowing ledge at the lower right hand of the image is where I lay to photograph the puffins.

The standing stone where I lay to photograph the Razorbills and the photograph above

I am so pleased that I got to see some Puffins before they left for the winter.

This one makes me laugh! (I took this photo from the yellowing ledge part of the cliffs)

This last image is for Miriam as I continue to gather shots of animals and their babies (or their friend/relative's babies). This field of cows were actually very close to the cliff edges, which were just behind me.


Miriam said...

Cow babies! Thank you Ams, I am honoured :)

The puffin pics are amazing...hilarious creatures, you capture their silliness well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you be careful along there. Loving the puffins (especially the first photo). They have such lovely colours.