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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Enchanted Forest!

Although it was really dark and rainy, the woods of Pitlochry were beautifully haunting during the Autumn Festival!

One of quite a few pumpkins carved by Reke, a Polish artist residing in Pitlochry

Sporadically lit trees in the Enchanted Forest.

A mermaid found by local fishermen.

I would like to visit Pitlochry in daylight hours. I spotted many sculptures lurking about in the dark recesses of the high street. I imagine there must be many treasures to be found off the beaten track.


Anonymous said...

wow ams, this is so cool. That pupkin is ace. :) and the pin-up thing was just manipulations, i was bored.

AnneMarie said...

Thanks :)
Having troubles with the net now. Can't get onto Messenger :(
I'll speak to you soon, though. xx

Michael said...

Is that pumpkin meant to be giving us the finger?

AnneMarie said...

Hehe...I never even noticed.
I bet he is!!