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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Finishing an old film!

After my first day of using the college cameras (35mm SLRs) I took the notion to dig out my old Centon camera. I discovered there was a half-used film inside (Ilford 125). As the day was lovely and sunny I decided to use the new technical knowledge from my class and finish the film with a view to some practise.

The Snakes and Ladders game was painted onto an outside, wooden table in Barshaw Park in Paisley. This image was taken over a year ago. Exactly how long, I cannot tell. The film fared well considering it wasn't kept in the best conditions.

The following photos were taken in September -

This Sage plant was thrown into the garden as I kept forgetting to water it. Sadly, due to my neglect, it was no longer suitable for consumption.

Chloe is very sneaky. She will pose for you right up until you press the shutter release. I got fed up with her last-minute, blur-action and took a photo from behind her instead.

This last one is probably boring to many, but I like it. This image is of a sleeper in the garden that must be many years old. It is a very strong piece of wood but it is slowly being withered away by the weather. It also acts as the cat's scratching post, beasties home, bird landing spot (when cat's not about) and my tea-drinking seat in the summer.

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