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Sunday, 12 June 2011

I never thought bird identification would be this hard

It doesn't help when I have a lens that isn't 'zoom' enough.

Guilliemot and Razorbill are both on my Tough Challenge list but I don't know which one of these birds it was that I caught on camera. As usual, it's not the best photo as I've had to crop for extra zoom and not only is the quality rubbish as a result, it also shows just how shaky my trembling hands actually are.

I will be going back to finish this walk at Deerness (I didn't get to go all the way round to Mull Head) so I will take more photos next time. Plus, there are Great Skuas that fly about from time to time and the Orkney vole can be seen up here. If it wasn't a nature reserve I'd camp out until I got the images I wanted.

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