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Sunday, 26 June 2011

I saved a little life today.

Today, for the most part, has been a day for seeing wildlife and not being able to take photo.

On my way to work a sneaky pheasant/grouse looking bird crossed my path as I was driving past the Ring O Brodgar. Whilst at work, 2 Guilliemots flew beside me, as did an Arctic Tern. Sigh.

On my way home from work another 2 Guilliemots flew by the car and landed in the field next to me. So I screeched to a halt (after checking my mirrors, of course), quickly reversed into the nearest farm road and jumped out the car. My eagerness caused the birds to fly away!!!!

I got back in the car and passed the Ring O Brodgar Grouse to be seen....passed the Stenness Standing Stones...nothing....then I came to the junction where I turn left to head towards Kirkwall. In the middle of the road was a little furry ball. A car turned the corner and drove over it, narrowly missing it with the tyres. I found a place to turn, headed back down the junction and found a place to abandon my car safely. It was still there and it was an ORKNEY VOLE!!! Was it dead, though?????

Thankfully not. It was very much alive but I do think it must have been in shock. It had moved to the side of the road but seemed as though it was sleeping. I took a couple of quick photos then nudged it gently with my foot until it 'woke up' and darted into the bushes.


It doesn't look as big as a guinea pig because it's curled into a wee ball. I would say it's as big a large hamster.


Miriam said...

Well done Ams!

(poor little vole)

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!!

AnonK said...

Now look for the Orkney Fudge!!