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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Film changing bag

I received a little money for my birthday and, instead of replacing my tattered clothes, I decided to spend the money on something far more important - a film changing bag!!!

For me, this is a little step forward because, although I love my digital cameras dearly, I prefer to shoot in film. Black and White especially. My favourite camera is my Centon DF-300 (the one that the close-up filters fit - woohoo).

I also have 2 old cameras that I haven't yet tried out and this must be remedied asap!

The shutter release on my TLR is broken so it doesn't automatically close again. This will make for plenty 'shake' I'm sure but I'm interested to see if the camera functions ok aside from this. I have a film in it just now, which is half complete.

I was given an amazing camera (Vigilant Junior) from a friend (Mr C) for Christmas. It takes a 620 film so I need to be able to switch 120 film over into the canisters and now that I have the changing bag, I can do this :D
Unfortunately, though, right now the shutter isn't working at all. It just won't open. I will have to enquire about this in the little shop in Edinburgh if it's still there and hope that it can be fixed.

AND the bag will be handy for trying out some pin-hole camera photography.

All I need to do now is find my developing tank, buy some chemicals and hope that my scanner still works! I'm pretty excited :D

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